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18 wheeler wrecks

When giants of the road clash, the aftermath can be devastating. The McKinnon Law Firm stands with you in Texas, offering clarity and a path to justice after an 18 wheeler accident. We champion your recovery, fight for your rights, and ensure your story is heard. From seeking rightful compensation to emotional support, our team is here for you. Contact us for a consultation and let us help you find your way forward.

Car Accidents

Navigating post-accident chaos demands skilled guidance. At McKinnon Law Firm, we blend compassionate support with legal acumen to secure the compensation you deserve. Start your journey to recovery with a team that stands for justice and personal attention at every turn. For counsel that leads to clarity and closure, connect with us—your first consultation is a step toward reclaiming your life.

Wrongful death

In the painful aftermath of a wrongful death, find solace with McKinnon Law Firm. We understand the depth of your loss and the complexity of seeking justice. Our representation is committed to honoring the life of your loved one by ensuring accountability and securing compensation that acknowledges your deep grief. Let us join forces in seeking to preserve their legacy. Reach out to us today.

Oilfield injuries

McKinnon Law Firm specializes in aiding Texas oilfield workers injured by equipment malfunctions or exposure to harmful substances, ensuring rightful compensation.

Workplace injury

McKinnon Law provides prompt support for workplace injuries, guiding you through Texas’ compensation laws to protect rights and achieve rightful compensation.

Premises liability

Defending your rights and ensuring rightful compensation, McKinnon Law Firm champions victims of premises liability on their journey towards recovery and justice.

Negligent security

McKinnon Law Firm, your steadfast ally in negligent security cases, champions your safety and rights, securing justice and compensation for your peace of mind.

About Us

At McKinnon Law, PLLC, we consider ourselves your family in-house counsel. We offer a full range of legal services in real estate, business law, and personal injury, having assisted countless clients across Texas. Our clients benefit from our diverse practice and experience representing injured persons, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. 

Andrew McKinnon has spent his career fighting for justice on behalf of a wide array of clients. Too often, hardworking individuals in need of legal help are in the middle of stressful, emotional situations and don’t know where to turn for sound information and advice. That’s why Andrew considers himself a problem-solver, approaching every case from the perspective of the client and considering how he can best help them seek justice and make measured, informed decisions along the way. Give McKinnon Law, PLLC a call today!

Experience You Can Trust

At McKinnon Law Firm, excellence in legal service is our standard. We offer a wide range of solutions to address various legal issues, including real estate, business law, and personal injury cases. With our vast legal experience, we handle each case meticulously and provide personalized attention throughout the entire process


Versatile Legal Services

We navigate through the legal landscape with a focus on delivering quality service across a wide range of needs, supporting individuals and businesses alike.


Conscientious Case Handling

Understanding the value of both time and confidentiality, we ensure each case receives our focused attention.


Tailored Legal Strategies

We understand that every client’s situation is unique. Our approach is to create personalized strategies that align with your specific legal objectives.

Our Firm Will Fight for You

Standing firmly in the pursuit of justice, McKinnon Law Firm tenaciously defends your rights, leaving no stone unturned in our relentless pursuit of every legal option available.

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Client Reviews

"McKinnon Law is highly knowledgeable and run by colleagues of the highest integrity. My favorite is that they are easily available and answer their phones! Definitely recommend them if you are in the unfortunate position of needing their help."
-Rochelle Frisina
"Andrew handled my case fast and efficiently!! Communication was great! He was able to settle my case in a matter where I and all parties involved were satisfied with without the long process of going to trial! I definitely recommend him."
-Shall ah Harley
"McKinnon helps me with my vehicle accident and I did not have to worry about anything. The communication was great you will get update of the progress of the case very regularly. I will reccomend this Firm to everyone and will definitely return if i need someone to represent me."
-Tony Dinh

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